Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mysterious Islands, Multi Colored Carrots and a Fairy Garden

As you may have noticed by the gap between posts I've been spending most of my time designing products with my drawings and paintings on them for Zazzle and Cafe Press.

The weather remained wet and cool so there wasn't much that I wanted to do outdoors, still I wanted to "play in the dirt" so I consoled myself by adding some Alyssum plants with purple flowers to the fairy garden and saving some money because I got 6 plants for 1.88. (You just can't go wrong with about 30 cents per plant) I'm hoping that by cutting them back often I'll be able to keep them from outgrowing the garden.

Yes, I picked up the flowers while over at the garden center to pick up the soil mixes that I wanted to plant my favorite carrots in. I have the heirloom seed that grows white yellow or orange and I mixed in a packet of atomic reds just to make the assortment a bit more interesting. I used the large containers by the studio that I had such good luck with last year so that will make thinning and picking the carrots easier.

I also painted some daisies on various items in the fairy garden to brighten things up. In between all of this we made a double feature of Mysterious Island movies starting with the 1961 version, breaking for lunch and the garden center and following with the Hallmark Version which has Patrick Stewart playing Captain Nemo. As you can imagine there are an interesting array of differences between the two and made it a pleasant way to spend the day.

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