Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Watercolor pencils, crochet and a few other projects

I started this on the corner of an envelope and then went back to crocheting another hat. Once I've cleared the table of those projects I'll probably do some sewing or painting. I need some pillowcases and those would be easy to run up out of some of the fabric I've got here. I've only made $1.67 today for royalties on my art so saving some money by making those pillowcases is about the best I can hope for today.

Someday people will see my products and they'll begin to sell but in the meantime I just do the best I can with everything else.

Well, I finished the hat and started another one so I didn't get those pillowcases made yet but I am just clearing the worktable so I'll be ready to lay those out for tomorrow.

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