Monday, April 25, 2016

This Years Container Garden, Fruits, Veggies and Herbs in a small space

I'm really enjoying the daffodils this year. They really brighten the place up, don't they?

It's a little hard to make out from the shadows at this time of day but the tower planter is full of strawberries and a short container variety of peas that I'm trying out this year. Next to that in the large brown pot is a black raspberry bush surrounded by chives and the Half Pint or Tom Thumb peas. They're rare
heirloom shelling pea that was introduced from England in the 1850's. The plants are only 8 inches tall but they grow full size peas. I'm really anxious to see how well these work out because I can think of lots of planting possibilities for them. The smaller pots on the green table are also black raspberry bushes.

It's also nice to have these strawberry plants in our seating area so we'll be able to keep an eye on them for when the berries are ripe enough. My favorite thing
to then is to bring out a bowl of cereal, a knife and a small bowl of water so that I can relax, clean up the berries and have a nice, fresh breakfast.

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