Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dessert from the garden, Black Raspberries

Well, it's the first day out in the raspberry patch. As you can see those bushes are totally out of control. Step one for me was to text, e-mail and phone family and friends that might like some berries.

OK, step one was actually just eating a few handfuls of fresh berries warmed gently in the sun. 

The remains of that birdhouse are atop a six foot tall post so that should give you some idea of the size of some of those bushes.

After I've given folks what they want of them I'll start making some pancake syrup and jam. Maybe even bake some up in a few recipes...maybe a crisp or some muffins...

We've also got birds nesting in all of this. I'm sure they like living next to the buffet line and the pool (bird baths)

 Hard to believe this is a residential lot in the middle of a city, isn't it? Future plans call for digging up a section of the yard and planting at least one row of berry bushes that are wheelchair accessible so I can go back to picking them myself.

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