Sunday, August 7, 2016

Painting Signs and Planters for the Garden

I love it when the weather is nice and I can paint in the garden while painting things for the garden. It inspires me to see the butterflies and the birds fly around while the birds sing and the butterflies bounce back and forth landing on various plants and flowers.The suet seems to be the favorite of the woodpeckers while the chickadees go for the thistle seed. 

As I did this little sign to explain all of the milkweed to the neighbors. I attempted to paint the variety of butterflies that we've been raising and releasing all summer. They're called "Painted Ladies" and I thought that was really appropriate to express what we're trying to do here.

It's hard to see in these photos but the reverse of the sign says "Milkweed for the butterflies"

This little planter stand is seen laying on it's side as I paint it. I'm laying in the basic shapes for the leaves and stems now and will add rosebuds when I go back out to work on it.

While I worked on my projects my husband installed the lattice panels on this garden bench for a bit more privacy in this corner of the garden. 

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