Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Design concept for the first painting of the season

While I'm trying to decide which direction I want my work to go I thought I'd take some time to celebrate where I've been. Each of the butterfly shapes will be painted with one of my favorite subjects or themes. Yes,I've done something similar on horses and on a painted box in the past but the appeal of doing it on butterflies is that now I can release them and let them fly away as I make room for something new in my paintings for the rest of the season. So far I've got Iris, daisies, dots and roses. I think the last one will be abstract swirls of color like I did back in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's.
This may not be fine art but it's fun and a lot of people will enjoy it as the whole design will end up on a card and each of the individual butterflies will end up on everything from baby clothes coffee mugs and it will help me loosen up and get ready to see what comes out on the next canvas.

The sky seems to be coming along well. I'm using a round, a fan and a flat brush with 2 shades of blue and one white. There's more clouds and blending to add before I'm finished but I'm enjoying the process.

It's almost addictive, I can't seem to leave it alone and I keep finding myself going back to work on it. I forgot to make lunch and supper and Yes, I'm going back to it now.

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