Monday, December 2, 2013

Painted Sewing Machine Cabinet, upcycled, recycled and new again

Her's a blast from the past. As I was sorting through things in the studio corner of my dining room I "found" this picture of a sewing machine cabinet that I did for a friend back in 2000. As far as I know she's still enjoying it and using it.
Aside from sanding and painting it I replaced all the knobs with wooden spools to go better with the sewing theme.
Yes, I grabbed some scrap paper and will be adding it to a note card for my friend. Who knows, someday it might matter who designed and painted it so this photo may come in handy and I sure don't need it here.
I seldom do furniture anymore and if I did I'm sure I'd move on to other themes and styles.
I'm glad I got a chance to share it with you too.
The other thing that's interesting about this is the fact that I've been decorating furniture since I was a little girl and got in trouble for it more than once. It may have slowed me down but it never stopped me.
I just love to make things better and brighter and I never stop trying...who knows, I just may give it another try someday...

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