Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lake Photos and Updates

Just after I splurged on pretty envelopes I was excited to find matching paper in the mail today from one of my sister's along with  a lot of fun pens,papers, note cards, letter papers notebooks and a clipboard so that things won't blow away if I decide to write my letters out in the garden.

I got a better fitting wheelchair and although it's rough going in the grass it will get me into my driveway container garden and that's a start.

My husband has been picking some of the raspberries and strawberries while I work on plans to try a few bushes and plants in my container garden next season so that I can take care of them myself.

I still haven't gotten my studio area of the dining room set  up well enough to work in but that's in progress too.

We're also investigating whether or not I can handle a riding mower to get me out in the yard and garden again.

A lot of us are facing challenges in the garden these days so I'll keep you posted if I find ways to make things go easier or better to grow your own personal food supply.

I'm evil, instead of staying home to weed the garden I took advantage of the perfect weather and headed to the lake.

Here are a few photos:

This duck was headed over to our table which was a few feet behind the gals on the bench.

 There were a lot of ducks in the park today and this one's stroll was interrupted when a couple of little girls came running up to it.

As you can see, midweek things are pretty quiet here. I'm planning to bring my paints to the lake soon.

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