Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Potatoes for Lunch Raspberries for Dessert

I had a chance to get out in my container garden today but forgot to bring my camera along. It will be a while before I figure out what I can and can't drag along with the wheelchair.

I trimmed up and re-arranged the Fairy Garden and then noticed my potato plants had more or less dropped over and were staring to shrivel up so I though I might as well pull them and make lunch.

When I've finished cleaning out that big pot I'll try some late season lettuce, radishes and maybe some peas.

That end of my driveway doesn't get a lot of strong sun so I think they'll be fine.

We've had enough black raspberries coming that I've been able to send pints home with everyone that's stopped by to visit.

I'm thinking about throwing some into muffins at tea time.

I need to be doing some drawing and painting but haven't quite gotten around to it lately

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