Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back to work on the lily painting

Beyond showing you the progress I'm making on the painting these photos show just how tiny my house is and what a challenge it is to paint here. When I'm painting I am literally in the middle of the house and it's almost impossible to get anything else done around here.

I'd love to be doing this painting out in the yard but without a ramp it's impossible to haul everything out and get set up to work there. I'm still hoping for good things and hope to be telling you it will be installed soon and I'll be able to be back out in the sunshine where we're all a lot happier.

In the meantime, the broken printer has been replaced and I'll be able to make a nice scrapbook page of the inspiration photos and in progress shots of the journey to this painting. I'll be framing that and hanging it near the painting and it will go go along with it when I find a buyer or give this away.

Either way it's headed out of here and I'll be on to other projects soon.

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