Sunday, January 18, 2015

Painting rustic finishes

The shelves on the other side of the room are all simply varnished wood so I felt these shelves would be nicer if they looked more like they matched them.

 Just a few basic colors is all you need, You can mix red, yellow, white and black to get the brown tones that you want or you can just lighten or darken a couple of regular shades of brown. The choice is up to you and whatever you have on hand to work with. These are satin finish acrylic enamels.

I felt this was too dark for this project when working with the black so I pulled out a couple of bottles of brown paints to work in and over it.

I may keep working more lines of different colors into the woodgrain but I'm pretty  happy with this for now and will take another look at it in the daylight tomorrow.

It's going to be fun to see how it looks when I get the pine needles painted on to the branches.

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