Saturday, January 31, 2015

Paper Bag Spray Booth

 I needed to put a light spray of polyurethane on this Christmas ornament but wanted to contain as much of the spray as possible.

My solution was to cut the side off a paper bag so that I could really see where the spray coating was going.
Using a whole bag contained the spray better but you couldn't really tell where it was going. Cutting it back and laying it down just made it easier to work with.

When I quit using this bag as a spray booth I'll cut it into pieces and use it up to lay paints out on as I work on other projects.

The other useful thing about working this way is that you can move the bag around and be able to spray all of the sides in one session which allows for a more even finish.

I'm using a satin finish polyurethane for this and fine that just one can can do several projects which keeps your cost down.

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