Monday, February 16, 2015

Working through Artist's block

  I remain more or less stuck on the background of the tulip painting so I'm taking some time to relax with my colored pencils and entertain the gals that I write to at the same time while I think about it.

Taking a step back to look at the subject in a different way usually helps and even if it didn't great mail cheers us all up so it works for me.

I took a crack at it in watercolor too.

I'm still stuck on the background so today, I focused on the tulips themselves and the leaves. It took nearly 3 hours to do just the stems, one flower and five leaves but I do think it was an improvement.

The tulip on the right is the one I re did.

Time to get to that background. A more or less solid color would be easiest, but which one? Red was nice next to the teapot but wouldn't have worked by the flowers. Blue doesn't appear anywhere else and might look nice but I'm not sure...

I cropped this detail view to help me decide.

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