Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Utility Work in the Flower Bed

  There have always been challenges to putting in a flower bed at the front of our yard. As you can see the shade has forced us to move things closer to the street and after all the struggle to put in that front row, out it comes as the gas line is replaced.

We put the gravel in here to keep the water main shut off free of weeds and easy to find if need be.

The sewer workers were kind enough to let us save the flowers before they dug this hole. We're grateful for that and using it as an opportunity to relocate them
to the side of the garden that we do all of our entertaining in.

 We're looking at this more as an opportunity than a least we're trying to. I hate to put anyone to the work of replanting things as I continue to find a way to make the flower beds accessible to the wheelchair so that I can work on them myself.

The interesting thing about this hole it that it's in the exact spot that I was thinking about putting in a path so I could get in to the other side of the yard so that I can trim the rose, lilac and spirea bushes.

There's a possibility that this will actually improve things in the garden.

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