Sunday, September 6, 2015

Idea Pages To Boost Your Creativity

Materials Needed:
Double Stick Tape
Magazine or Catalog Clippings
Paper or Sketchbook
Scrap booking papers
Other inspiration source material

Here's what I was working with today.

As I clipped out the pictures that I wanted I stuck them to sheets of colored paper so that I wouldn't loose them and they'd have cute borders when I put them in my sketch book.

Once I had everything cut out and ready to go I sorted them into themes that I wanted to use for future projects.

The Theme of this page is designs in Black, White and Tan. As I consider which sorts of projects I want to work on I'll eventually fill the rest of the page with drawings based on bits of the photos and combining them in different ways until I come up with something that I like and want to move ahead with on various drawn and painted projects.

As I was thinking about designs in neutral colors I painted this wooden horse based on Rattvik style Swedish furniture painting designs.

Adding the photos of that horse and a printed tape furthered the design possibilities and I began to add some drawing in ink and pencil.

This page has a couple of hummingbirds on it that I liked and hoped might help me figure out how to design one made out of simple brush strokes that I could use on various items in my garden like the wheelbarrow, watering can and flower pots.

The blue and white pattern I just kept to remind me that even though it's shown on a round pot designs like this can work on any shape of object...and I LOVE blue.

I clipped the cat socks because I thought it would another way of expanding  the whole colored dots on black thing that I used to do on a lot of my painted furniture. It had never occurred to me to use group of the dots as paw prints.

Owls ,horses and other designs are just things I do and different approaches to them.

Any way that you look at it, this one afternoon playing with my "junk" mail will keep me busy for a long time.

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