Friday, September 23, 2016

My Favorite Things In the Garden, even the Butterflies Love it !

It was amazing to find 3 butterflies on this clump of flowers in the front garden. There were a lot of bees to so I'm pleased that it really does matter which flowers I choose and combine in the garden.

Meanwhile in the little side garden where I do my entertaining the tomatoes are ripening and my company was amused that part of our meal could be picked right next to the table.

How many gardens have you visited where you can pick lettuce and tomatoes on one side of a bench and raspberries for dessert on the other side?

You'll have to excuse the smoke in this photo. We were cooking lunch in the campfire. None of my old cushions ,pillows or tablecloths match but I love entertaining here anyway and it is comfortable
so no one seems to mind.

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