Friday, September 2, 2016

Painting Flowers in the Garden and the wheelchair ramp

I thought I'd add a few daisies to the wheelchair ramp. It really shows up great in the shady corner of the front garden.

The wheelchair ramp takes up so much of the front yard that there were only 2 choices possible...or at least I thought so. I figured I either had to paint it to blend in or decide to make it a feature.

What I ultimately decided on was to do a bit of both. The spindles are bright bits of art decorated with some of the flowers that  I grow here in the garden and I'll be staining the top and bottom rails as well the 4x4 posts to match the house.

What's next? Kicking things up a notch with brighter colors and a blast from the past that celebrates my World Chair Design that was published in a magazine years ago.

What I'm really enjoying about this project is that it celebrates both where I've been and where I'm going while making my home a lot more fun to be around.

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