Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Color in the Garden

Well, the weather is getting too cold for me. I've gone indoors with 3 celery plants raised from the base of celery from the grocery store, 1 lettuce plant that survived in the garden and some chive plants. There isn't much room in our small house so I just keep a few edibles for dinner instead of regular houseplants.

The large, golden tree you're seeing in the backyard is a walnut, one of three here.

There are also maples, an oak, a birch and a number of other small trees on our lot and a half in the city.

We've also got 2 large fir trees in the front yard that I've forgotten to take pictures of.

I'm not quite sure what we've got here. The grapevines have gotten around , through and all over this poor tree. It makes the colors interesting but probably isn't good for either of them.

It's been a good summer so I'm really going to miss the garden until next season. While I wait I'll be looking over my photos and working on some drawings and paintings of my favorite flowers, plants and trees.

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