Monday, October 3, 2016

The Hawk in my Garden

 We were out in the front of the garden planting bulbs when we looked up and spotted this.

We are certified wildlife habitat here so we wondered if it had just stopped by for lunch.

It was up there for over an hour so we began to wonder about it but when it attempted to fly away it was obvious that it was injured because it just dropped into the neighbors yard. It tried to get back into the yard here but the crows realized it was injured and tried to attack. Fortunately the neighbor came and they were able to put a blanket on it so they could transport it to get help.

This is my favorite photo, as I was headed out of the garden and into the house he looked right at me...and stayed there anyway.

None of us wanted to get close enough to see what sort of injury it was. Things like this are best left to the professionals. We're hoping to have more news about it soon.

It made for an exciting day because both neighbors and passers by stopped to see it and to take photos. My little garden patch gets a bit more interesting all of the time.

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