Wednesday, May 24, 2017

One Sprouty Potato

There are always so many things I'd love to grow in the garden and never any money to do them with so while cleaning the dining room I discovered one last, forgotten potato that had rolled off from the rest and sprouted in the back of the cabinet. of course the first thought is "gross! it's about time I start cleaning this place" but as you've guessed by now. I hate housework and would much rather go out in the garden and play in the dirt so I cut it in sections (each with a sprout on it) and went out to plant that in the garden.

It's frustrating that times are so lean that something like that is cause for celebration while at the same time reminding me that groceries would be really welcome about now. I guess all that stuff you hear about starving artists may have some basis in fact after all. Thank goodness there's still rice until we get potatoes again.

I even think the flowers on a potato are pretty, don't you? Here's a look at the plant on July 8th:

I got a half dozen plants from that one potato and am looking forward to what sort of a harvest that I will get from those.

By mid July I was getting some good size on the new plants and enjoying watching the flowers. They don't stay long but they're as pretty as any ornamental.

Anyway, back to the garden. There are scads of things that could be transplanted to fix the place up but since I'm chair bound that's not happening unless I find someone willing to help me.

What I'd like to do is find people that usually rent a garden plot and let them set up a garden plot of any size they'd like in exchange for doing the digging and transplanting work on mine.

Are there organizations in place for something like that? If not, I wonder how I'd go about starting my own.

While I wait for veggies to plant I've been enjoying the flowers, photographing, drawing and painting them and as far as the other gardening. some of my chives are about ready to flower and provide a bit of color in the yard and add a bit of pleasure to meals as well.

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