Saturday, June 25, 2011

50 Ways to leave your lover

I was thinking of Paul Simon's song "50 ways to leave your lover" while out in the garden today. I often think of music while enjoying the sights and sounds of the garden and when this song popped into my head it occurred to me that he had a point. There are a number of ways to approach any situation so when I cut this lily, the first thing I did was drop it on the scanner because it provides a different perspective than just shooting photos of an object. Next I went to photography and shot it against a variety of different backgrounds both outdoors and in where the lighting would vary as well. I'll set these images aside to work with later while I use the actual plant to base a series of drawings and paintings on. How many images and in which media will depend on how long the flower itself lasts. I've only got 2 or 3  plants of this variety in the garden so I'll have to work fast and as usual I'll post the results of my work as soon as I have any (good, bad and all). I'll be looking forward to it as much as you will so be sure to post a comment or two or just check a box to let me know how I'm doing. Thanks!

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