Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Projects have Projects

This little bag worked out well except for the fact that I was chatting with a friend and my butterflies came out upside down. I Didn't even care because this one's for me to carry my potholder crochet supplies and seeing it this way reminds me of a good day with her and makes me laugh all over again every time I see it.

I'm Painting the lawn furniture and spent a lot of time working in the garden but forgot to take pictures  until I grabbed this Iris on my way in for the night.
I'm still attempting to sort and pack the the last of my fabrics up and of course keep getting distracted and making more tote bags and figured while I was at it I'd run up some blue and white napkins for teatime. The fabric had a linen type texture to it which of course is what gave me the idea and the piece was big enough to get five out of. They'll mix in nicely with the rest of my things.
Most of my sewing projects come out of looking through scraps and coming up with ideas based on the size, texture and patterns on them. I always get excited when I find something that's just right for the project I'm working on and there's seldom any waste. There was a strip a few inches wide left from the napkins but that will go in the patchwork box and go into another project.

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