Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lemonade Project:Making things out of whatever comes your way

I'm always making things out of anything that comes my way. In between all of the things I'm doing with the garden, the computer and the mail there's always some crocheting. It doesn't get much respect but it's really one of the ultimate "something out of nothing" projects. All you really need is a long strand or string of anything that's handy (I recently saw a show on television where a woman was crocheting large scale sculptures out of wire and fishing line...and people say I have crazy ideas...). The actual crocheting can be done with your hands, a regular crochet hook or a stick of some sort with a notch in it to pull the yarn with. As far as I'm concerned it's a magic trick of sorts that can be accomplished by almost anyone.

This week I finished another hat for charity and 4 potholders for various members of my family. There are no photos here because they're the same type that I always make and because I gave them away as soon as they were finished so there wasn't time to scan them.

I found the designs in my last post to be a "lemonade" project too. They all came from a corner of a photo of  lily leaves on the edge of my driveway. There are 3 or 4 iris that pop up over there in the course of a summer too but there won't be anything blooming over there for a couple of months and those will all be orange.

Orange is not my favorite color so I do consider that "life gives you lemons" so I loved the idea that I could create an abstract design out of them in so many different colors..."lemonade" indeed.

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