Thursday, June 12, 2014

The garden at the center of the universe

Everything comes from my garden. Food, inspiration, art, relaxation, exercise...the list is endless and of course includes the businesses where I market some of the artwork I create on various household items.

It made me laugh this week to create over 1/2 dozen new designs simply based on the unmowed grass in the corner of one of the photos that I took of my tulips a few weeks ago.

As I changed the image over and over again I eventually reduced it to what appears to be a perfectly conventional neutral tweed pattern and it really amused me to create something so classy out of a yard that's wildly grassy.

Oh dear, I find myself starting to rhyme so I'll sign off for mow before I drive us all a bit crazy.

Have fun! Don't take life so seriously, you'll enjoy it more.

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