Friday, October 16, 2015

Changing Seasons

You know it's fall when the leaves change color but in this part of the country you don't get much of a chance to enjoy the show of reds and gold. The leaves are falling so fast that about half of my birch leaves have already blown away. I'll layer up a few warm clothes and head out to the garden to see if there are any plants that still have leaves that are flexible enough to use with my paints to do some leaf printing on cards or fabric.

I got carried away with other projects and haven't gotten around to those pottery paintings yet.
It was exciting to see how well that last sunflower painting looked on products on zazzle. I couldn't resist ordering it in on a few greeting cards to send out to friends and family. So far everyone's loved it so I'm feeling really good about that.

A lot of little drawings and paintings come and go on my letters and I've been designing a lot of new art lettering to use on products on zazzle.

Now that I'm not out in the garden there seem to be a million other things to do, one thing's for sure-there hasn't been time to get bored.

keep creating and have some fun, I plan to.

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