Saturday, October 3, 2015

Denim Slipper,Christmas Curtains and Dala Horses

I sewed denim slippers in various sizes until I ran out of "slipper gripper" fabric for the soles and elastic for the backs. Results were slow but I managed to make enough for myself before I started running out of things.

I'll need a lot more practice before they turn out nice enough to sell or donate anywhere but I'm proud of the effort anyway and got compliments on them at a couple of appointments that I wore them to.

While the sewing machine is out I'll move on to sewing up some valances for the windows out of that red and green fabric that Mom gave me years ago. They should brighten up things around here for the holidays.

The weather is getting too cold to work outside so I've stopped carving,sanding and clear coating wooden horses for the season.

The next step will be selling the wooden horses on

There are many products available with pictures of the dala horses on them too, they're at*

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