Monday, June 19, 2017

Lots of Projects with Daisies

I'm still wanting to plant a lot of daisies but not able to afford it to I'm adding daisies to the garden everywhere that I can. This season I'm doing it with paints.

I still keep changing my mind about the types of leaves that I want to paint on these so I'm trying everything and then outlining them with a paint pen so that they will show up from the street,

I'm getting a LOT closer to finishing the painting of my wheelchair ramp. It's the centerpiece of my yard and garden and will be joined with and arbor and trellis to match.

I even painted daisies on some of the garden gnomes to add more fun and energy to the theme.

Yes, I'd rather be planting daisies than painting them but this makes everyone smile and will have to be good enough for now.

I also took as many photos of then as I could so that I will have them for reference as I try to draw and paint them in the future.

Anew patch of Daisies popped up in the front yard and was a very welcome surprise.

Daisies are appearing everywhere here. I put some in the butterfly habitat so they can enjoy them too.

I painted some into a design I'm working on for fabric and plan to add a few other wildflowers to it before designing products with them.

I also added a few daisies to this old painting.

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  1. What are the yellow blossoms in the arrangement? Open tulips?