Friday, June 2, 2017

Keeping Things Going on the Urban Homestead

Some of the art projects stay here like this new bird house on the front arbor.

There are still a few patches of lawn left but less and less as the years go by and nature recovers the land

The first priority is to use the things I've got here to keep all of the other things going. When it comes to plants I'm dividing and transplanting them and may consider selling or trading some of them as soon as I get my wire wagon painted and can bring them to the curb to sell or trade. Until then I'm trying to sell some of my paintings and carved, painted Dala Horses. Art money funds art supplies and keeps that end of that going.

I just finished painting this little sunflower canvas panel. It used to have a red background and didn't sell that way. This mottled blue background makes it coordinate with 2 others I have and having a nice set to decorate a room will be nice in the house here or will make them more likely to sell.

This container has a few walking onions and is where I planted 2 potatoes as well as a couple of herbs from my sister and the end of a lettuce from the grocery store. We often save and plant the root end to get another lettuce harvest. I would prefer to be growing  all of my own veg but at this point I'll take whatever I can get.

Here's the same planter on July 8th:

Most of the plants are doing well and I've also taught myself how to propagate basil plants and planted a lot of peas.

This painting was the result of a painting, play day with family. We were all playing with palette knives to see what we could do with them. Of course I ended up with sunflowers in honor of all of the ones I've grown here over the years.

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