Friday, June 30, 2017

Garden Gone Wild

This is the section of the garden where we sit for afternoon tea. We used to have a table and chairs in the center of that open area but I haven't been able to do that since the wheelchair so we sit over on the driveway beside it. 

As you can see there's always enough shade and breeze to keep it comfortable.
There aren't any flowering plants here except for a wild rose we dug up in the woods on the family farm where we were married, some lilies that were at the back of this house when we moved here and a lot of hosta gifted to me by a neighbor who didn't like it in their yard.

Over the last 15 years we've been dividing and moving them around until I managed to get a bit of a border around the area. It's a messy but starting to look a bit more like the garden I had planned.

Speaking of plants that have been divided and moved. This is the view out the kitchen window and Yes, those ARE some of the tallest black raspberry bushes I've ever seen and the DO cover most of the backyard.

Some 0f these bushes are actually taller than our 1 story house! We've been picking black raspberries for a week and freezing some while making jam with some as well. I've tried to give away or sell extra berries in years past but for some reason have had no luck in my neighborhood. it surprises me that some people have never even heard of black raspberries let alone have tasted them so I even offered small containers to sample.

Oh well, at least we like them and are grateful for the savings on groceries while we find more and more ways to use them.

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