Friday, April 8, 2011

Something in Between

There are days when you're not quite sure whether you're "playing" with something or working on it. I call them good days because anytime you're enjoying the process is a great break from worrying about the bills.
It's sunny today with temps in the 60's and if there isn't too much of a wind it should be really pleasant to grab my coffee and go out in the yard to paint.
As you can see there are just a few of those bits of doll furniture to finish up and I think they'll make really cute Christmas ornaments if the people that collect my furniture don't buy them.
That's where I plan to start my day and who knows where it will go from there...that's the adventure of it all...and of course if I get bored I can always go back to painting the lawn furniture periwinkle and freaking out the neighbors...

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