Friday, August 19, 2011

Art Recycle Challenge Painted boxes into other projects

These are panels from 2 different painted boxes. One in progress and the other completed about 4 years ago. The reason for the wide variety of subjects is that I was going to be teaching a community ed class and I wanted my paintbox to display the different types of painting that I'd be able to help the students with.

I almost sold one of the boxes once but the buyer complained that it clashed with something in her room. I still laugh when I think of it because my work is NOT something that you buy to blend in with your decor and I wasn't willing to compromise the concept of the piece by repainting some of the panels to match her place just to make a sale.
I'm glad I kept it now because it gives me a variety of artwork in one place that can be used a number of ways. I store things in the box itself but dumped them out today so that I could put it on the scanner and use the designs on a numbr of different projects that you'll find at*

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