Monday, August 8, 2011

Low Budget, No Budget Birthday

Sometimes it's just about finding different ways to arrange or use the things you've already got. This time 2 old, heavy lead crystal candle holder/vases held silverware as I set up as much of the serving area on the buffet as I could (that old commercial coffeepot takes up a lot of room) There wasn't enough space left for the glasses and napkins so I arranged them on a cake platter. There aren't enough matching napkins so I just alternated the different patterns in a stack.
Tables were set up both inside the house and out so people could settle in wherever they were comfortable and since I didn't have any birthday decorations I brought up some holiday garlands to help set a festive mood.
I suppose I should have taken pictures when I had put all the food out or written up the menu for you but things had gotten too busy by then.  

One thing I like to do when people come up for events like this is to let them pick a drawing or painting along with the other gifts I'm giving them. Here's the one that left yesterday. I'd almost forgotten this one so I'm waving good bye by putting the design on a lot of items in my store*

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