Friday, August 12, 2011

City Gardening and Wildlife

The summer has gone by fast. I'm eagerly awaiting the 3 sunflowers in my yard this year and looking forward to planting lots more of them next year. The bird feeders are busy and I enjoyed the company of both watching and listening to the birds as I rearranged my container plants (pulling out the ones that weren't doing well and putting the best of what's left in the large urn in the corner of the yard.) This gives me 3 empty pots that I'll put away until next season and quite a bit of a nice soil mix that I'll  use to get some more transplanting done.
It's a nice feeling to walk out in the yard and find birds at the feeders and birdbaths. The rabbit was sitting by my chair, when you hear about the trouble with bees around the world it's nice to see them looking happy and healthy here. There weren't any butterflies out today but that may just be the change in the weather (we're expecting thunderstorms in the next few hours)
The sun is out right now so I'll enjoy that while it lasts and deadhead a few more lilies before grabbing a cup of tea and heading for my favorite chair.
It's too bad that gardening is such hard work but on the other hand the exercise is good. The main reason I garden of course is for the flowers I draw and paint, somehow the art is better when I've chosen and grown them myself.

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