Monday, November 11, 2013

Julia's infinity scarf pattern

You can make this scarf in any yarn that you have, and in any stitch that you like, with or without a hook ( a lot of people do like to finger crochet). The only rule is to make your chain long enough to join and wrap around as many times as you'll want it to.

 white worsted weight yarn
size I crochet hook
64 inch long foundation chain
half double crochet stitch in the back loop

Join at the end of each round, chain 2 and start going around in the other direction so that you get ribbed look.

When you get it as wide as you want, join it , clip the yarn off about 8 inches away from the scarf. Pull it through the last loop then get a yarn needle and weave the loose end in so that it doesn't show.

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