Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cold Weather Projects

In between putting the garden down for the winter I've been crocheting and donating more of these hats. I got 2 out of the purple yarn I had and I'm working the last of the skein into stripes with some of the other bits of yarn I had on hand.

With all of the other projects we're doing don't forget that it's always cold somewhere in the world and take some time to make something warm to share. Some organizations will even provide you with patterns or yarn to make the things you'll be donating.

I think I actually like the striped one better-how about you?

Projects like this make me feel that the time was well spent in spite of the way that most people react. For some reason when they see a fat woman crocheting they seem to assume that you've got the approximate I.Q. of a piece of furniture. Somehow it doesn't dawn on them that anyone who can take a hook and a piece of yarn and turn it into anything they want is probably smarter than they are.

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