Monday, March 24, 2014

Envelope Art

Colored pencil and markers decorate a couple of the envelopes for the outgoing mail today. There were drawings on each page of the letters too but I'd written on them and didn't want to scan all of that in with the drawings.

I continue to design for Cafe press and Zazzle but spent most of today cleaning off and sorting "stuff" at the worktable so that I'll have room to get some painting done.

Everything changes when the weather does so I need to work on some of the larger paintings before I get started out in the garden. The first art and craft projects out in the yard this year will be painting the arbor and some of the lawn furniture, After that I'll move on to carving and sanding Dala Horses.

As always it will be a busy summer, short in this part of the country but well anticipated and enjoyed.

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