Saturday, March 22, 2014

Project updates

The week slipped by quickly as I worked on designs in the stores. The letter and number designs became stationery, coffee mugs, Birthday cake picks, party balloons and many other things. It was a good opportunity to find out which sorts of designs and drawings work best on them and gave me ideas of what sorts of things I'd do with the idea in the future.

As always, there's mail. I drew this on a postcard one lovely morning when I got to sit by the fireplace at the bagel shop and indulged in some drawing and letter writing while my companions chatted about other things.
Yes, I know, we cold have that conversation about the lack of social skills in the world today but I simply chose to enjoy a rare opportunity to sit by the fire as spring approaches.

Another fun thing in the mail this week is that I spent about two dollars american on a set of markers so they'll brighten things up for a while.

I didn't get around to scanning a lot of it but thought I'd answer a question the I get a lot. Yes, I do draw a little something everyday. Much more often than I paint.

With the design work I've been doing lately I'm trying to decide which types of media work best. Each seems to have it's own benefits and challenges.

I started designing products on Zazzle with one of my Dads drawings and am currently getting more of my sister's paper cutting ready to join him there.

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