Monday, January 4, 2016

Bad Television, Good Writing and the urge to Create

Do you ever watch so much bad television that you find yourself thinking about writing just to see things turn out the way you want them to for a change?

In between all of the work I did on that painting the last few days I watched TV and ventured to some shows I hadn't seen before...and resolved never to see them again. Things that end badly leave me frustrated and depressed and worse yet, some shows don't really end, they just leave you hanging and wondering which way it went.

Yes, it's clear that I'm hard to please and usually stick to an assortment of old favorites that I can rely on to fill the hours and set a mood I'm comfortable with.

I'm too lazy to do any real writing and can't spell anyway so the thought fades and I go back to my paints.

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  1. I enjoyed listening to your thoughts sis!:-)