Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Creative Design and Re-purposing Solutions for the Dining Room

As you can see the little stand that I've got this toaster oven on is not an ideal solution so I grabbed a pencil and a yardstick determined to find a solution.

I've had my eye on the small vented door in this old kit built cabinet and decided to include it in my design because it's the perfect size for a breadbox.

Here's the design that I came up with to make better use of that space under the toaster oven. You'll have to admit that having the breadbox under the toaster is bound to come in handy.

This old kit build is starting to get wobbly, the cams are popping out and the shelf is sagging so we've decided to salvage the solid pieces, doors and drawers and incorporate them into a built in wall to increase our storage space and improve the look of the room.

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