Sunday, January 3, 2016

Becoming the Sunflower

There's something special about living with art as it grows and changes and I find myself wondering if I ever would want a separate studio even if I could afford it.

The easel that this painting lives on is right behind where we sit at the dining room table. I sit on the side of the table where my eyes wander to it from time to time during pauses in conversation. Seeing it from a different vantage point and in different lighting  always gives me more ideas as the canvas draws me back to it.

I decided to eliminate one of the leaves because I felt that it threw the balance off. Here's a detail view as I work over that section.

It feels like an improvement to me but you never know where the work will take you and I'm always looking forward to see where it's going next.

It's always interesting to see and feel the image seem to emerge from bits and smudges in the paint... still, my mind wants to interfere and choose a background color instead of allowing it to happen.

I like it best when the art becomes more of a meditative practice and comes from a calm center. Mindfullnes and mindlessness at once. As always I can't wait to get back to it.

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