Thursday, May 26, 2016

Greetings from the Garden

Hi there,
It's been a good day. The weather was warm and sunny with a nice breeze so I rode the wheelchair over to the post office to pick up some stamps before we came home to grill some cheeseburgers for lunch and then grab a nap in the dappled shade. It was so nice to spend the day outside and did us a lot of good.

The veggie garden is coming along nicely but needs some thinning. Yes, I'll have to wait for help with that because I've only got a path that reaches to one side of the box and don't want to get stuck in the dirt trying to go further.

These plants all started with a single shoot out of a houseplant that we've been dividing and moving for a couple of years. So far it looks promising, don't you think so?

Here's the rough start of the sunken garden. So far all that's been put in are the hosta and lilies. There was no cost for any of this because I had them moved from other parts of the yard.

Future plans call for a patio area in the center so that there's a nice place for the tables and chairs on hot days. It's cool and shady here under a canopy of large trees.

In the meantime I sit on the edge of the driveway and work at the large patio table here.

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