Friday, May 20, 2016

Update on the Garden and Patio Area so far. Junk Sculpture,Salvage and Recycling

 Hello there! I'll bet you've been wondering what's going on around here...besides trying to keep the squirrels from eating all of my strawberries.

I retouched the paint on that junk sculpture trellis but decided it was just too boring so I grabbed my paints and kicked the color up a notch.

My favorite change was turning the large flowers into sunflowers. Making the other flowers red and painting some vines on the frame seems to have helped a lot. My next plan is to make the birds a bright blue and maybe even the trim on the birdhouse to bring the color all of the way through.

It's still slow going with the wheelchair and the lack of money but it's turning into a more comfortable and happy space all of the time.

The next phase of the project will be to retouch the paint on the patio furniture.
what colors are still yet to be determined but salvage efforts have turned up some cans of primer and a bit of green paint so far.

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