Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mules, Squirrels and other interesting things around the Garden

This guy was sitting right outside my living room window and using the deck railing to launch himself at the bird feeders.

We're in the process of taking this old, black arched bench and painting it white before mounting trellis panels on the back to use it as a privacy screen between our patio area and the neighbors back yard, I also plan to grow climbing roses on it which will make it a nice feature there and pleasant to look at from both the back and the front which should keep both I and my neighbor happy.

The yellow lilies keep coming in several places around the yard.

I'm able to ride the power wheelchair over to the lake from time to time and get fairly close to the water which should improve the detail and the look of my landscape paintings when I'm between projects in the garden.

My house is one of the staging areas for the 4th of July parade here in town so I'm always amused at the things and people that go past my garden. This year our favorite was this pair of Mules and their handler.

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