Friday, July 8, 2016

Running Wild in the Garden

Well, the season is moving quickly. The hosta along my path and around the garden is blooming already and even the ones we transplanted this year are doing well.

A few wildflowers planted from seed this spring are blooming and adding  welcome color to the mix here.

Here's a closer view of the hosta.

Things here are a shaggy mess but it's nice to see a return of the lemon lilies that my Mother had given me so many years ago.

 I'm not sure what these  are but the color is nice in this spot that not long ago was full of daffodils.

Here's a view up the driveway where the orange lilies multiplied soooo fast and are taking over in spite of the fact that I give them away to anyone who wants them all summer long.

 Can you see the peak of my neighbors house to the upper left of this photo? I'm so lucky that they don't complain about the wilderness that my yard has become since I've been in the wheelchair. There just aren't that many people that are willing to come in and help when you haven't got a budget for that sort of thing.

As you can see there's a lot of milkweed here for the butterflies. I'm raising another batch of caterpillars now and will be releasing them in the garden soon. Next summer I'll pot up a lot of the smaller plants to give away to anyone interested in having butterflies in their yard too.

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