Thursday, November 17, 2016

Settling in for the Winter

The weather forecast is for snow by the weekend so it's really time to shift things around to create the pleasantest and brightest place to paint for the winter.

Before, with table in the dining room

In a tiny house like ours that means that I drag the dining room table and chairs
 over in front of the dining room windows. The other advantage to doing this is being able to keep the electric tea kettle on it and perhaps even a plant or two.

That should make sitting there even more fun.

I plan to continue painting the spindles for the wheelchair ramp over the winter. (one at a time and brought into the house)

I'm most excited about working on some regular paintings both old and new. Of course as always there are bills so for that I will continue to design products with some of my artwork on them on Zazzle and hope for some sales.

In the meantime we're repainting the living room wall and getting that furniture moved.

There's one more Christmas Ornament to paint and then it's back to my plan. Have a great winter.


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