Sunday, February 5, 2017

Back to the Paints

I've spent so much time lately just working with designs that I needed to feel a brush in my hands again and reconnect with my paints.

I was tempted to do some easel painting but decided to finish a few small projects first.

I started with this small wooden box and my fall back floral and dot designs. It will be a gift for a friend in a few days.

It's not very inspired but it is decorative enough to be interesting and took a surprising amount of time to complete because of all of the layers of tiny dots.

The box itself was a dollar tree purchase so my cash investment was minimal.

The nice thing about projects like this is that they allow me to relax and think about other things. They're my breathing space between more challenging projects.

Few people understand that in spite of my best efforts to explain it. All that really matters is that it makes perfect sense to me and it helps me move on to other things.

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