Monday, February 6, 2017

Sunny and Cold in the Garden

Hello there!

I's beginning to feel a bit like the winter that wasn't in the garden. It's cold and sunny but you can still see patches of the lawn everywhere but in the shade of the trees where we've still got a bit of snow. The only visitors to the garden have been squirrels, cardinals and goldfinches.

I discovered yesterday that we can put art on a wireless computer mouse and I thought that would be the sort of gift that almost anyone could use. I made quite a few of them and plan to go back today to make mouse pads to match them and see what other computer products are available. Who knows, I may design whole collections of them.

When I finish that I've got a nice little wooden box that I'm painting some dala horses on. I think it would make a great gift filled with some of the tiny dala horse ornaments that I was painting earlier this winter.

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