Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Brighten Up Your Garden Tools With Paint

The weather and hard use can really mess up your tools and take a lot of the pleasure out of gardening. It's especially true of watering cans because I will often use them as a vase when I'm out picking flowers or taking pictures.

This pail is where I keep a lot of my small garden tools and supplies. All the twist ties on the handle are there in case I need to wire plants to supports or trellises.

Another thing to remember when you're doing about a project like this is that trowels and other small tools can be held in flower pots so that it's easy to decorate the handles without smudging anything.

So far I feel that it's going pretty well and I can't wait to see how it is going to turn out when I've finished it.

I'm using easy floral designs that are made up of simple dots, comma strokes and straight strokes. Almost anyone can achieve these with just a bit of practice.

Beautiful tools make any job a pleasure.

Somehow, I got more and more involved and it went from just touching things up to re-doing the whole design.

With this last shot you can see what a difference each design element makes. I'm looking forward to finishing this piece so that I can get back to using it in the garden. Because of that I'll spray it with several coats of exterior polyurethane to make sure it will hold up to the weather and to hard use.

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