Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What a Difference a Day Makes

 With recent temps around 60 degrees I'd been planning to get out in the garden an do some transplanting. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to snow! I took these photos about 10:00 AM.

It, of course changed my plans a bit but was a pleasant day all the same.

You have to love weather in Minnesota, the snow had gone again by 2:00 PM

I have another painted post ready to add to the ramp and have been busy painting 2 more.

One of the reasons for painting all of the posts differently is so that I can use it as a reference when trying to choose the best color combinations to use for various designs. Another of course is so that when people ask me what sorts of things I paint I can merely point them to the ramp instead of having to launch into long discussions or descriptions. There are a lot of reasons for doing this project but of course best of all, it makes everyone smile and makes me happy.

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