Saturday, March 26, 2011

At knifes edge

Well, I'd been working on this painting quite a while and I guess it was nice enough...almost normal and then of course it took a left turn and went all "me". Yes, it felt great but who knows what it will end up looking like when or if I'm ever "done" with it but it made me happy.

It's been difficult painting sunflowers without the right shade of yellow on hand so I was really happy when one of my "art angels" popped in with more paint and canvases and you guessed it, just the right shade of yellow. It's wonderful to have friends that appreciate my work enough to make sure I've got enough supplies to keep it going. Thanks Ron!

Now I'm really glad I took the time to paint up these little chairs so I've got a bit of something to give folks that make the trip up here. I had originally planned to sell them and buy art supplies, now I don't have to and we're all happy.

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